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A Premarital Agreement is a written contract between two people which is executed before the marriage occurs. Premarital agreements may include provisions relating to the following issues: (a) property rights and obligations of the parties; (b) rights of disposing of, managing and controlling property; (c) disposition of property upon death or divorce; (d) the making of wills, trusts, or other arrangements to carry out the provisions of the agreement; (e) disposition of life insurance death benefits; (f) choice of law; and (g) any other matter not in violation of public policy or a criminal statute.

However, and contrary to popular belief, Iowa premarital agreements cannot contain a provision which adversely affects the right of a spousal or child support. The exception is that agreements entered 1980 through 1991 may contain alimony waivers, but even then it is not wholly binding on an Iowa Court. Iowa considers such provisions contrary to public policy and void.

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